Moving House with Baxters

It is often said that moving house is one of the most stressful times in your life. But it doesn't have to be that way ! and with a Baxters Move we are happy to give you all our years of experience to make sure your move is easy, stressfree, professional and with a Baxters Move even enjoyable.

Below is an outline to start your plan. Once you speak with your Baxters Move Consultant they will provide you with all the support and advice to make your move a happy event.


Moving your household from one location to another is no easy decision. And it takes a lot of time to fulfill all your plans for your new home.

Once the decision had been made that you or you and your family will move the household to another house or apartment, another city or even to another country the work starts. You have to:

  • find your new home
  • sell your old home, find tenants following you or cancel the contract for your old home
  • renovate your new home and/or your old home
  • finalize new job arrangements
  • arrange school and/or nursery for your children
  • re-arrange or cancel your contracts and other agreements (bank, electricity telephone, newspaper delivery etc.)
  • inform family, friends, business partners, administration etc. about the change of address
  • decide if all furniture will be forwarded to the new home, some furniture shall be removed or stored, new furniture is needed and make appropriate arrangements and transactions in this respect
  • find a mover

Taking into account that moving your household is not only the transport of your furniture from A to B. But moving your personal effects with a professional company means:

  • delivering and have all kinds of packing material at disposal
  • packing your personal belongings
  • dismantling and de-installation of furniture and equipment at your old home
  • loading and securing of furniture, cartons, plants etc.
  • transport of your household with appropriate means of transport
  • care for customs clearance (for international moves to or from non-EU Countries)
  • unloading of furniture, cartons, plants etc.
  • re-assembling of furniture and installations of equipment
  • unpacking of all cartons and arranging everything in your new housing
  • ...


Some of the work related to the change of house might be fun and you do not want others to take over the decisions and to influence your future directly, e.g. the final decision about your new apartment should not be taken without having seen it.

But be assured that it is always worthwhile to think about a reliable company to take over the move of all of your household goods itself. The professional mover knows how to handle your furniture and personal effects. His workers are skilled in lifting and carrying heavy items. They know how to load and secure your household goods in the truck. And they are skilled in driving big trucks even in the smallest streets. .

Contact your Move Consultant some weeks before the move shall take place to enable him to arrange matters necessary and appropriate, like the installation of a prohibited area for parking in front of your house etc.